CSE 490 - Tech Art for Game Development

Grading Policy:

CSE 490 Grades are broken down as follows

  • Participation and contribution in lectures and labs: 25%
  • Assignments (2 per week): 65%
    • Rubrics for each assignment will be given at time of assignment. Assignments are graded out of 100 (unless stated otherwise in the rubric)
  • Final: 10%
  • Assignment grades will be based on how they each met their individual grading rubrics. Rubrics will be posted before each assignment.

Late Policy:

It is important to turn assignments in on time in order to keep up in the class. Late assignments will be accepted but 1 point will be docked from the final grade (out of 100) for each hour an assignment is late.


We take daily attendance. If you are late or absent to your digital class your grade will reflect this. If you miss more than half the class, you will be marked absent.

  • 1 unexcused absence: reduction of final grade by one full grade letter.
  • 2 unexcused absences: class failure
  • If you cannot attend a class due to a verifiable emergency:

    • Contact your instructor in advance if possible, or as soon as possible.
    • Request for an assignment delivery extension before its due date.