CSE 490jl

Course Syllabus

Professor: James Landay ( )
Office: 642 Allen Center
Office Hours:

Monday, 3-4 PM
Thursday, 10:30-11:30 (online through Instant Messaging)

TA: Jon Froehlich (first.last@gmail.com)
Office Hours: Monday, 1:30-2:30PM (CSE603, the HCI Lab)

This course is a follow on to CSE490F-i. We will continue the iterative design and development of the projects from the previous quarter. In addition there will be new lecture material on advanced topics in HCI and UI toolkits. Finally, 8-10 of the lectures will take the form of a studio style critique. Students will be given a short design assignment based on a design principle and we will discuss their solutions together in class.


  • midterm (20%)
  • individual assignments (25%)
  • in class participation (5%)
  • group project (50%)
    • demos/presentation (group component)
    • project write-ups and exercises
    • ratings given by other team members & class
  • No curve


James Landay
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