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490F Projects

02/07/2007 : Here's a Windows Mobile 5 sample application that we created today during our tutorial session.

Project Groups
Group Members

Cluster: Context and Location Aware Social Networking

Cluster provides context-aware coordination using location information while consuming already available social networking information.

  • Carolyn Holmes
  • Christopher Govella
  • Fred Potter
  • Sierra Michels-Slettvet

The Panlingual Mobile Camera

The mission of this project is to design an interface that panlingually translates texts in images so that its users can interact in any language with the world around them.

  • Jonathan Pool
  • Kinsley Ogunmola
  • Martin Hecko
  • Peter Woodman
  • Timothy Wong

Don't Forget: Reminding People of Required Items

To create a usable interface which will enhance people's lives and be easy for anyone to understand. Our system reminds people to bring things with them.

  • Andy Hou
  • Elisabeth Olson
  • Kenneth Kuan
  • Kevin Chiu



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