The Panlingual Camera Phone: Interactive Prototype Archives

Jonathan Pool, Nebiyeleoul Tadesse, Timothy Wong, Luke Woods

Drafts of the interactive prototype of the Panlingual Camera Phone are available for inspection. They show how the prototype evolved.

There were three drafts of the prototype before the current draft.

The first draft can be seen in four scenarios. These scenarios recreate those on which user tests of the initial prototype were based:

The second draft extends the prototype to address one of the most significant problems discovered in user tests of the initial prototype. This was the problem that users, having been shown a method for accessing deeper information (metadata) about items displayed, did not apply the method when it would have allowed them to perform the assigned task. The second-draft prototype exists in three versions. They incorporate three different extensions, each providing a distinct solution for that problem. The solutions all involve reminders, but they are given in three different ways:

The third draft of the interactive prototype addresses problems of control awkwardness and error-proneness and of inconsistency noticed by team members and expert advisors during development. The third-draft prototype exists in two versions. One version incorporates the integrated-optional-tip solution described above. The other version creates a new (fourth) solution to the touch-reminder problem, a status-bar-tip solution.

The third draft of the prototype is seen in two scenarios, one per version:

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