CSE 490D, Digital Financial Services, Winter 2016

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:20 pm, Guggenheim 204

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WeekDateDiscussion LeadersTopicPaper
1January 6 Richard Anderson Course introduction Slides: PPTX PDF PDF Handouts
2January 13Emily, Meredith, SarahmPesa Designing Mobile Money Services: Lessons from M-PESA(pdf) (Reading Quiz) Slides: PDF
3January 20 Akshay, AkshatCellular Communication Digital inclusion and the role of mobile in Nigeria (GSMA) (pdf) (Reading Quiz) Slides: PDF
4January 27Caitlin, EvanCustomers Doing Digital Finance Right: The Case for Stronger Mitigation of Customer Risks (CGAP) (PDF) (Reading Quiz) Slides: PDF
5February 3Trevor Technology (USSD) Promoting Competition in Mobile Payments: The Role of USSD (CGAP) (PDF)(Reading Quiz) Slides: PPTX PDF
6February 10Aakash, Sarah Z.Rural Agents Spotlight on Rural Supply: Critical factors to create successful mobile money agents (GSMA) (PDF) (Reading Quiz) Slides: PDF
7February 17Emma, JoelGovernment PaymentsElectronic G2P Payments: Evidence from Four Lower-Income Countries (PDF) (Reading Quiz) Slides: PDF
8February 24David Lubinski (BMGF) Payment Platforms The Level One Project Guide Designing a New System for Financial Inclusion (PDF)
9March 2Amrutha, AndrewData Use The Potential of Digital Data: How Far Can It Advance Financial Inclusion? (CGAP)(PDF) (Reading Quiz)
10March 9Steven, EricRisk Analysis Proportional risk-based AML/CFT regimes for mobile money A framework for assessing risk factors and mitigation measures (PDF)


  • The course is one credit, and will be CR/NC
  • Each enrolled student will help lead one on the paper discussions which will include a brief powerpoint presentation (based on a provided template).
  • Every week, there will be two short answer questions, due on Tuesday night before class. To receive credit, students will need to submit answers on 7 of 9 papers.
  • No final exam

Supplementary Reading