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 Designing Technology for Resource-Constrained Environments
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Designing Technology for Resource-Constrained Environments

Spring 2010: Capstone Project Course

CSE 490D/HCDE 496, Tuesdays, 12:30-2pm, in Allen Center (CSE) 403

Ruth Anderson, CSE (rea at cs.washington.edu)
Beth Kolko, HCDE (bkolko at u.washington.edu)

CSE 490D/HCDE 496 is the final quarter in a year-long design and implementation sequence held jointly between CSE and HCDE. In fall, students read papers on technology in resource-constrained environments (RCEs). In winter, CSE 490d and HCDE 419 students formed interdisciplinary project groups to scope and design projects for RCEs. This quarter students are implementing and evaluating their projects.


3/30/2010 Course Overview & Organize Groups
4/06/2010 First Round of Group Meetings
4/13/2010 Second Round of Group Meetings
4/20/2010 Third Round of Group Meetings Outline of Project Report Due by Noon
4/27/2010 Presentations Presentation template
4/29/2010 (Thurs) Mini-Presentations in Change Seminar
5/04/2010 Fourth Round of Group Meetings
5/11/2010 Fifth Round of Group Meetings First Draft of Project Report Due
5/18/2010 Sixth Round of Group Meetings
5/25/2010 Final Presentations
6/01/2010 Final Group Meetings *Draft of Poster due by Noon on Thurs 6/03*
6/08/2010 4:30-6pm Poster Session and Demonstrations Project Report due 4:30pm Tues
Self/Peer Evals due 9pm Wed

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