CSE 484 / CSE M 584: Computer Security (Spring 2024)

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Course Staff

Instructor: Prof. David Kohlbrenner (dkohlbre@cs)

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Email everyone (preferred method to reach staff): cse484-tas@cs.washington.edu

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Office Hours

Office hours start the 2nd week of class (April 1st)

No Textbook

In previous quarters we've used "Foundations of Security: What Every Programmer Needs to Know, Daswani, Kern, and Kesavan, ISBN 1-59059-784-2. This quarter we are not using an official textbook, and are instead using various freely available readings.
We will be using some readings from Security Engineering of which the 2nd edition is freely available on the author's webpage.


In this course, we will cover topics including: the "security mindset", threat modeling, software security, cryptography, malware, web security, web privacy, smartphone security, authentication, usable security, anonymity, physical security, and security for emerging technologies.

For more details, see the course schedule.


CSE 332 and CSE 351

You should have maturity in both the mathematics of computer science and in the engineering of computer systems. This means that you should: have a good understanding of data structures and algorithms; be comfortable writing programs from scratch in C and Java; be comfortable writing and debugging assembly code; and be comfortable in a command-line Unix development environment (gdb, gcc, etc). You should also have a good understanding of computer architecture, operating systems, and computer networks. Most importantly, you should be eager to challenge yourself and learn more!