CSE M 584 Research Component

If you are enrolled in CSE M 584, then you must also read the following papers and submit written reviews by the specified deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. Your evaluations should have the following form:

You must submit evaluations as a PDF file. You should upload the evaluations to the online Catalyst dropbox. Your evaluation for each reading must be less than one page long, be single-spaced, use 12pt font, and have at least 1 inch margins; We expect for most paper evaluations to be approximately 1/2 to 3/4 pages long.

You are welcome to, and in fact encouraged to, discuss the papers with other students in the class. However, you must write the evaluations on your own.

You are allowed to look at other top computer security conferences, like USENIX Security 2013 https://www.usenix.org/conference/usenixsecurity13/tech-schedule/technical-sessions for more recent papers.  You can substitute any paper from this conference for one of the papers above, if one of these papers interest you.  

Extra Credit:  You may also read up to five additional papers for extra credit.  CSE 484 students may also read up to five papers, from USENIX Security 2013 or the above list, for extra credit.