CSE481I: Sound Capstone

Bruce Hemingway and Michael Sloan

This capstone will build projects utilizing computer audio techniques for sound recording and playback, encoding and decoding, synchronization, sound synthesis, recognition, and analysis/resynthesis. Students will work in teams to design, implement, and release a software project utilizing some of the techniques such as those surveyed in CSE 490S.

Initial meetings will be TTh 10:30-11:50 in CSE 503, to get our project groups organized. First two weeks only, as needed.

We will meet Tuesdays, 2:30-5:30 p.m. in CSE 003E, and other times as arranged by project teams.

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Project Proposals

Project Guidelines

Project Posters and Final Reports

Project Exhibition on March 8th, 10:30-11:50 am, CSE 503.