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 CSE 481H: Accessibility Capstone - Winter 2010
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Accessibility Capstone Description, Winter Quarter 2010

As cell phones become more capable with connectivity with the internet and sensors such as cameras, compasses, GPS, and accelerometers, there are opportunities to use them as accessibility or assistive devices. In this capstone, students will work in teams to create new applications on cell phones that allow persons with disabilities to accomplish tasks that would be difficult to impossible to do without their applications. An example would be an application for a blind person that would take a picture of a bar code on a product, decode it, look it up on the internet, then speak the name of the product. Teams will then implement and test their concepts as working applications. Teams will prepare written reports on their applications and present their applications in a public poster session where persons with disabilities will be invited.

Instructors and Mentors:

Discussion Board

Meeting Time:

Initially these times will be for lectures on accessible technology and the introduction to the Android platform and development environment. Later times will be used for group meetings with mentors and instructors, and for feedback sessions.

Tentative Schedule

Teams and Project Areas


Posters should be 40" wide and 32" tall, as these will be easier to read. Do not use a font size smaller than 28 points. The amount of text should be minimal, with pictures (including captions that can be read who are blind or low-vision). Please use these templates. Your poster should have a title, list of team members, and at least these sections: (i) Probem description, (ii) use example, (iii) description of solution, (iv) future work. You should include acknowledgements to your mentor and others who helped you. The poster should contain the UW and CSE logos and a mention that the poster is for the "Accessibility Capstone Design Course, Winter Quarter, 2010." There is a poster review on March 4th.


Papers should use the two column format Microsoft Word format suggested by the ACM. The paper should be at most 4 pages and include the following sections: (i) Abstract which is a very short description of the project, like a tag line, (ii) introduction which includes target group, purpose of the project, and use case, (iii) related work which includes books, papers, products related to your project, (iv) description of the solution (subsections may be needed), (v) future work, (vi) references. Your paper may need additional sections. Papers are due by 10 pm on March 18th.


Grading Criteria

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