CVS References / Tutorials

We recommend the following references for CVS:

Connecting to the CVS repository

We recommend using CVS over ssh to some department machine that can access the directory the repository is in.
  1. To tell CVS to use ssh to connect to the department machine:
    $ export CVS_RSH=ssh or $ setenv CVS_RSH ssh
    depending on your local shell.

  2. To get a copy of a project the first time
    $ cvs -d :ext:your_username@machine_name:/projects/instr/cse481/02au/CVSRepository checkout module_name
    with a proper username, machine name (e.g.,, and a module to perform that operation on. That will create a new directory, module_name.

  3. After that, just cd into the module_name directory and use cvs update, cvs commit, etc.