VSTS-related FAQ and Known Issues


Q: How do I connect to the Team Server and to our project?
A: For instructions, please refer to the short document "VSTS" linked from the course web.

Q: How do I create a new project within VSTS?
A: You don't have permissions for this, so you can't. Please use the existing project we have created for your team, unless there is a compelling reason to want to have a new one -- in which case, email both Richard and Valentin about it.

Q: How do I launch the tablet sdk from the lab machines? When I go to Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Tablet PC Platform SDK, I don't see any launchable program.
A: The platform SDK will give you a folder with sample projects. You can copy the sample projects somewhere and open them with VS2005. To use the SDK, you just need to make references to the appropriate dll's.

Q: Under the Project Management section, the lab computers have no application to open the .mpp files (I'm guessing Microsoft Project?) listed inside.
A: It is probably not worth trying to use MS Project - that would be just one too many pieces of software to install and run.

Q: I am having trouble figuring out how to post my screenshot -- is the Team System available only on the lab computers, which means that I can't do source control from home?
A: You need to do remote desktop in order to use VSTS from home. Support wouldn't allow just doing a regular connection because of potential security holes in the tool suite (it's a beta version, plus there is a bunch of notoriously insecure tools that go with VSTS, e.g., SQL Server).

Q: Is the team portal part of Team System, or can I access that from home?
A: The team portal is part of Team System, so a remote desktop should be the way to go there as well.

Q: Why can't I access Team Portal through FireFox?
A: It does not seem possible to access the Team Portal through FireFox -- you will need to use IE for this specific task instead. (The reason IE is necessary is actually more technical and beyond the scope of this FAQ.)

Q: On the homepage of the portal, I see the following message under the Builds, Remaining Work, Quality Indicators, and Bug Rates headings:
"The permissions granted to user 'CSEPCLAB\<username>' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)."
A: This seems to be an issue with whether you do remote desktop or connect from one of the lab/department machines.
The impact is that this is not displaying reports generated from the work items / bug database. These will be useful later on -- but not as important now -- so it should not be blocking your work now. In the meantime, we will pursue the problem with support.

Q: I seem to be unable to upload files to the VSTS Ink Slides Portal. It allowed me to create a new directory called 'Homework', but then when trying to upload a file to that folder (or any folder for that matter) it allows me to select the file and then upon hitting 'Save and Close' it just sits there and does not upload the file. The ability to create 'New Folder' also seems to be broken because there is not a field to allow you to type in the name of the new folder. What is going on here?
A: Do upload the files from within Visual Studio. (Using the web interface for uploading to the project portal is currently not working.) Also, you might want to make IE your default browser (temporarily, at least) for this to work seamlessly.

Known Issues