Visual Studio Team System

Please consult the On-Line documentation for information about Visual Studio Team System. This page will contain very sparse notes about issues we have identified relating the the CSE481 deployment of Team System.
  1. VS2005 with VSTS is available on the lab systems. To get started, open Team Explorer, connect to to the Team Foundation Server ( [Note that the server is configured to only accept connections from the domain]. You should then be able to select your group projects. We are configuring projects so that all team members have full access, and the instructors (anderson and valentin) also have access.
  2. It will certainly take a while to get all of the permissions issues taken care of - for now, send mail to anderson or valentin for problems with permissions for VSTS - and not support.
  3. VSTS is a very powerful tool - and should be great for supporting the course. However, it is a new product, and we are all at the bottom of the learning curve - so some patience will be required. There is strong interest on the part of the VSTS team at Microsoft in making this succeed - so please provide feedback to us.
  4. It does not seem possible to access the Team Portal through FireFox (surprise, surprise) - you will need to use IE instead. I did not see a way to change the browser preference inside of Visual Studio - so I had to just change the default browser to IE on the machine that I tested on.
  5. The lab had installed the trial version of VS2005 (available through MSDNAA. This version has a 6 month time out - which will get us through winter quarter with room to spare). The Team Explorer is the Team Foundation Client, which is currently in Beta release, and is a separate installation.