In order to get all groups off to a fast start, each group will be assigned a project to work on from the following list. One the first day of class, the project ideas will be presented, and then students will submitted a preference list of projects to work on. The instructors will then put together teams and assign a project to each team.

Below is a list of project ideas - I suspect that the teams will be assigned distinct projects, but if there is overwhelming interest in some projects, there is the possibility of assigning the same project to different groups. Each of the projects offers considerable scope for independent work. There is significant variety in the projects: in the domain, tablet technologies that will be emphasized, and key directions of work - e.g., some will have more of an emphasis on research, and others will have more of an emphasis on understanding the user and the domain.

There is a lot of flexibility in how these projects can be approached - the project ideas are not a specification - just a starting point. Remember, the goal of the class is to demonstrate a prototype of an innovative Tablet PC application at the end of the course. It is essential that each team concentrates on technologies associated with the Tablet PC - as opposed to building a generic windows application.

Project ideas

I have created a page or two of hand written notes for each project. These notes are viewable with Windows Journal Viewer.