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 Richard Anderson
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 Final Demos
 HW1, Due Jan 11
 HW2, Due Jan 18
 HW3, Due Jan 25
 HW4, Due Feb 1
Lecture Slides
 Course overview
 Tablet PC intro
 Lecture Notes 1-11-05
 Arin's code 1-11-05
 Arin's code 1-18-05
 UI Issues for Pen Computing
 Random topics
 Jay Pittman  2-1-05
 Bernd Helzer 2-14-05
 Computational Geometry
 Tutorial 1
 Microsoft TPC Dev info
 Agilix InfiNotes
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 Shared paper
 Handwriting Editor
 Diagram Recognition
Student Presentations
 Project Vision, Shared Paper
 Project Vision, Handwriting
 Project Vision, Diagram Reco
 First Prototype, Shared Paper
 First Prototype, Handwriting
 First Prototype, Diagram Reco
 Alpha Version, Shared Paper
 Alpha Version, Handwriting
 Alpha Version, Diagram Reco
 Final Presentation, Shared Paper
 Final Presentation, Handwriting
 Final Presentation, Diagram Reco
Project Executables
 Group A
 Group B
 Group C

Link to Winter 2006 Offering (as CSE 481b)

Winter 2005

Class Meetings:
Tuesday and Thursday from 12 - 1:20 pm.
MGH 248

Timing, TBA, Tablet PC Instructional Labs

Contact information:  
Instructor: Richard Anderson anderson@cs.washington.edu
Teaching Assistant: Joseph Lai joseph@cs.washington.edu

Recommended Text:
Building Tablet PC Applications.  Jarrett and Su, Microsoft Press. 
Quite a few copies are circulating, so you might not need to purchase it - but it is a very good book.

There will be four homework assignments to gain experience programming the Tablet PC. These assignments will be weekly, over the first four weeks of the course. The assignments will be available at the start of class - and may be done early. The assignments are individual assignments, to make sure that all students get familiar with the basics of Tablet PC programming.

This course is about building projects. Four project ideas have been created - these will be described on the first day of class, and students will be asked to submit their preferences for project assignments. Project groups will be assigned based on this information.

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