CSE490D (CSE477 Design Studio) – Winter 2008 (W 4:30-6:20, CSE 403)

Technology for Low-Income Regions

Part II: Design Studio (second part of a three-quarter sequence)

This seminar is the second quarter of a three quarter sequence that will form a year-long capstone design experience.

1.        Fall: an exploration phase to identify interesting problems

2.        Winter: a brainstorming phase to come up with and evaluate possible solutions

3.        Spring: an implementation phase to actually create robust prototypes


The theme for the course is "Technology for Low-Income Regions".  In last quarter seminar we used a set of readings to familiarize ourselves with several interesting problem domains.  By the end of the quarter, we had determined some possible project ideas.  This quarter, we’ll be developing and refining those ideas into detailed implementation plans for the spring quarter (the CSE477 CompE capstone design course).


See our reading list and notes from last quarter.


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09 Jan

Organizational, form initial groups (slides)

16 Jan

Present ideas, finalize groups (template for presenting initial project ideas)

23 Jan

First round of separate group meetings (sign-up sheet) – meet in CSE505

30 Jan

Research (no classroom meeting)

06 Feb*

PANEL Presentation (template for presentation) – meet in CSE Commons (Room 691) – pizza will be provided after presentations

13 Feb

Second round of separate group meetings (sign-up sheet) – meet in CSE505

20 Feb

Present initial solution sketches (template for presenting solution sketches)

27 Feb

More research (no classroom meeting)

05 Mar

Third round of separate group meetings (sign-up sheet) – meet in CSE505

12 Mar

Present plans for implementation in Spring quarter’s CSE477 (template for presenting implementation/evaluation plan)

14 Mar* (Friday 1:30-3:00)

Poster session (templates for poster – part I and part II to be displayed side-by-side) – meet in CSE Atrium – refreshments will be provided


* These sessions will be video-taped.