CSE 473: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Winter 2019

HW ASSIGNMENT 1 (Warmup): due Wednesday, January 16 at 11:59 pm (10 pts)

Solve the Missionary-Cannibal Problem (with 3 missionaries and 3 cannibals) with a RECURSIVE DEPTH-FIRST SEARCH as follows:



Turn In: here

You should turn in the following:


LATE POLICY: Programs may be turned in until Friday night, January 18 at 11:59pm. 10% off for each day late.

CHEATING POLICY: All work on this assignment must be your own. You may discuss the assignment with other members of the class, but your code should not look like anyone else's code in this class, any other class or on the web. Having the same code with different names for the variables doesn't work either. We check. Thanks.