CSE 473 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2006
MWF 2:30 - 3:20
MGH 231

Calendar of Classes and Assignments

Othello Tournament Tree


Prof. Henry Kautz
CSE 666
Office Hours: Tuesday 1:30 - 3:00 and by appointment

TA: Ravi Sarvadevabhatla (Kiran)
CSE 220
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday : 9:30 - 10:30 and by appointment




reading summaries
midterm exam
final exam


assignment 1 (agents)
assignment 2 (planning)
assignment 3 (heuristics)
assignment 4 (games)
assignment 5 (neural nets)
final project

Staying in Touch

We will have two mailing lists.
  1. cse473-sp@cs.washington.edu
    This will be the official course mailing list and will be used primarily for announcements by me and Ravi. Note : Please do not post messages on this list . To subscribe, send a blank email to cse473-sp-request@cs.washington.edu with the word subscribe in the message body. You will receive a mail informing you what to do next.

  2. cse473-discuss@cs.washington.edu
    This will be the mailing list to discuss issues about the course and the assignments with other students. Ravi and myself will also be reading this list, so it is also appropriate for any question of a general nature. You may also send email to Ravi or me directly with either general questions or questions about your own performance in the course.To subscribe, send a blank email to cse473-discuss-request@cs.washington.edu with the word subscribe in the message body. You will receive a mail informing you what to do next. To post on this list, email your posting to cse473-discuss@cs.washington.edu

Anonymous Feedback

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If you require accomodations because of a disability, please contact the instructor as soon as possible.

Academic Honesty

Each assignment will indicate whether it requires only individual effort or if it can be worked on in a group. In the latter case, the names of all members of the group must appear on the assignment that is turned in. If information from an assignment or project performed by any other student at any institution (for example, a copy of a homework solution found on the web) is used by a class member in completing an assignment, that work must be clearly cited. Failure to respect these prinicples will be dealt with according to the university's code of academic conduct.