Welcome to Computer Architecture with II Prof. Luis Ceze A portrait of Luis. Your TAs are Chien-Yu Lin and Astitwa S. Lathe!

Course Overview


This is the planned lecture schedule. It will get filled in as we go, so please check back.

Each class there will be several suggested readings, including some textbook chapters and influential research papers. Some lectures there will be a required reading (bolded), which you will need to submit a commentary on. This should be just a paragraph describing what you found most interesting, surprising, or asking questions that you have. These commentaries should be submitted to Canvas in one week. For the homeworks and submitting commentaries, please click the buttons in the HW column in the below table.

Date Topic & Readings HW
March 28

Intro / Metrics

March 30

Performance / Power / ISA Part I

April 4


April 6

Pipelining / Branch Prediction

April 11


April 13

No class! (Luis is out of town.)

April 18

Dynamic Scheduling / Multithreading

April 20

Memory Hierarchy / Virtual Memory

April 25

Cache Coherence

April 27

Guest lecture on GPUs by Brad Beckmann (AMD)

May 2

Memory Consistency / Transactional Memory

May 4

Hardware Specialization - Real systems dissection

May 9

FPGAs/VTA/TVM (By another Luis, Luis Vega!)

May 11

Guest lecture on 3D Stacking by Gabe Loh (AMD)

May 16

Guest lecture by Graphcore

May 18

Architecting Past, Present and Future Lessons learned from things that got stuck to my shoes by Doug Carmean (Meta)

  • Chapter 6 of HP

May 23

Guest lecture on Power and Sustainability by Bobbie Manne (Meta)

May 25

No Class (Luis is out of town.)

May 30

No Class (Memorial Day.)

June 1

What’s next - Architecture 2030 (reading)

June 3