Computing Information 
CSE 467


We will be using the Dell PCs located in the Baxter Computer Engineering Laboratory, CSE 003E. Please do not eat or drink in the laboratory, and respect both the equipment and your fellow students.

These machines were donated to the department by Dell and by Intel Corporation of Hillsboro, OR

The MSOffice software was donated to the department by Microsoft Corporation of Redmond, WA.

The test equipment was donated by Tektronix, Inc.

Logic Design Tools

We will be using Altera Quartz. This tool combines an editor, the Verilog hardware description language simulation and synthesis into one package. This tool will allow us to design at different levels of abstraction and uses a variety of implementation tools for Altera FPGAs.

Remote Access

You may use Altera Quartz on your own computer. You can find download instructions HERE (use this link).


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