CSE/EE 461 Project #2 Turn-In

1. Who are you?

2. Give Us Your Program.


3. Press the TURN-IN button when you are ready.

Do not forget to print and turn in the "Receipt" page that you will receive after clicking "TURN IN". For your records, you may wish to keep a copy of your final receipt.

If there is no response immediately, please try to be patient for a few minutes. If you want to back out and try again, hit the Stop button on the tool bar; please don't press the TURN IN button again until you've done this.

If there are errors, you'll be told, and you can turn-in again. You can turn in as many times as you wish; only the last turn-in will be graded. Previous turn-ins are not graded.

To clear this form and start over, click this button: