CSE 461 Lectures

Other than the following, no lecture notes will be available. Note that these lecture notes were developed for a different course, and have not been updated for 461. Thus, you should only use them for background, for explanation of parts of the lectures not covered in the book. Note that anything in these notes not covered in lecture are *not* part of the course and won't be on the final.

As another resource, you can peruse the slides from last quarter if you wish.

Topologies Full page.

Protocols (only useful for the part about the general's paradox) Full page. 2 up.

Remote Procedure Call Full page. 2 up.

Distributed File Systems Full page. 2 up.

Security Full page. 2 up.

Sermon 1: Simplicity Full page. 2 up.

Sermon 2: Performance Tuning Full page. 2 up.

Sermon 3: Programming as Craft Full page. 2 up.

Sermon 4: Information = Property Full page. 2 up.

Sermon 5: Stay Broad Full page. 2 up.