How to use the CSE 461 email list

There is a majordomo-based email list for this class named This list is for general class use. We will post announcements here, and you are welcome to use the list to ask questions and discuss course-related material. All students should either subscribe to the list or regularly read the archive.

Subscribing to the list

To subscribe to the list, send a message to with the following in the body (not the subject) of the message:
      subscribe cse461
After a while you should get back a message telling you that you are subscribed. To unsubscribe (at any time), send a message with the contents unsubscribe cse461. Please do not put your email address in the message. Majordomo will figure out your email address from the message itself. If you include your address in the command, then manual intervention will be required in order to get you subscribed, and this will displease the TA.

Using the list

To send a message to the list, simply send email to (note the @cs part). This will be distributed to the entire list (hopefully including you). Please be aware when sending messages to the list. When replying to a message on the list, think about whether you want your reply to go to the whole list or just to the sender, and pay attention to which you do (some email programs use sender-only as the default, some use whole-list, but most all can do both).