CSE Accounts for Non-Majors

The supported computing facilities for this class will be the Windows NT labs in Sieg Hall, although most Java platforms should be usable and will be supported to the best of my ability. CSE majors should already have access to the rooms and accounts on the machines.

Non-CSE majors need to go to the main CSE office in 114 Sieg and pick up a green account application form from the front desk. Fill it out and put it in the "CSL Account Application" box in the 114 mailbox area (ask the receptionist for help). If you are registered for the class, the account should be ready by the end of the day after the application is turned in (and probably sooner).

Attached to the green account request form will be a white key-card access request form (the rooms are opened using your student ID card). You should fill this out as well, and apparently return it with the green form.

If there are any problems with this please let us know.