CSE/EE 461 Students

Hiedi Ammerlahn - Vitural Private Networks

Andre Bjorkheim - @Home

Jon Boehm - Cable Modems

Brian Bridges - 56 kbps Modems by Lucent/Rockwell and US Robotics

Joshua Bruno - Gigabit Testbeds

Ahn Chau - JPEG and GIF

Michael Christiansen - Media Call Servers

Peter Forstall - Wireless Local Area Networks

Jason Griffith - Gigabit Technologies

Donald Hewitt - Satellite Networks: Internet in the Sky

Joel Hewitt - Firewire

Kirsten Hildrum - Cryptography

Douglas Hines - Wireless IR LAN Systems

Chris Hivick Web site authored and maintained by Chris Hivick. - Wireless Modem Technology, Ricochet Wireless Modems

Kit Man Ho - Personal Communication Services (PCS)

Lei Huang - Isochronets

Li Li - Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Routing

Liong-Huat Lim

Wei Liu - Internet Phone

Andrew Luty - Erbium-Doped Optical Fibers

Gary Mahony - Concentric IP Video Services

David Mai - Enterprise-Wide Intranets

Monique Nodland - Video Conferencing Product Comparison

Brian Perlman - Data Transmission on Power Lines

Christopher Prince - Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ASDL)

Richard Robinson - File Sharing over a Network

Won Sim - Wireless ATM

Megan Simpson - Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

James Suruda - Quantum Cryptography

Tien Suwandy - Virtual Private Network

Kevin Taylor - x2 Modem Technology, 56K bps Modem

Matthew Vaughn - IP version 6

Brett Waldbaum - E-mail Protocols

Brian Warneke - ATM Network Resilience

Brandon Worrell - Internet2

Gan Yao - Internet Telephony

Lan Zhou - MBONE