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Welcome to Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington! Consistently ranked among the top programs in the nation, we educate tomorrow’s innovators, conduct cutting-edge research in the principal areas of the field, lead a broad range of multi-disciplinary initiatives that demonstrate the transformative power of computer science and computer engineering, and are widely recognized for our success in promoting diversity.
In 2015-16 we recognized a record 391 students at our graduation ceremony and educated 5,000 students in our introductory courses. We're located in the spectacular Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering at the heart of the UW campus in Seattle – a global center of innovation in software, life sciences, global health, aerospa  ED`S"nE @5XiPɫ9 ǃC xҲ*Ece, and many other fields in which CSE’s faculty and students are making an impact and changing the world.
We have embarked on a campaign to fund an additional building to create the space to respond to ever-expanding student demand, employer demand, and opportunity for impact. Learn more here!

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