Current version: 1.3.4

The Fishnet API supports the construction of an overlay network on one or more machines. It will be used as a development environment for programming assignments in CSE461 in Winter 2002.

Installation instructions

First, download cse461-fishnet_1.3.4.tar.gz. Then, from the command prompt, type

    tar xvfz cse461-fishnet_1.3.4.tar.gz
This will create a directory called cse461-fishnet, which contains all the files you need to develop with Fishnet.


The Fishnet API is documented by fish.h. The README file provides information about the files included in the Fishnet distribution and about building programs using the Fishnet library.


Version 1.3.4 replaces domain-based hierarchical topologies with subnet-based hierarchical topologies.

Version 1.3.3 fixes a bug preventing packets from being dropped with the --loss option to fishhead, and improves the documentation in fish.h.

Version 1.3.2 includes improved debugging output and removes some undesirable error checking.