50% Production Projects

- Pre-Production Assignments - 20%
- Fresh Eyes Deliverables - 30%

10% Critiques/Attendance

20% Professionalism (Participation and Collaboration)

- Ability to work in your group as both a leader in your area of expertise and productive team member to your group as a whole. - 2%
- Ability to receive and apply feedback from the Director and maintain a positive attitude towards the project. - 2%
- Ability to follow through on work that has been assigned. - 2%
- Ability to work collaboratively with other students and appropriate team members. - 2%
- Ability to maintain a positive attitude toward the project. - 2%
- Ability to communicate positively and constructively and to resolve concerns quickly and effectively. - 2%
- Ability to provide appropriate and creative contributions to all aspects of the production. - 2%
- Ability to respond to communication from the Director promptly and respectfully. - 1%
- Where direction seems inconsistent or unclear, to have the ability to bring the discrepancy to the Director for discussion in office hours if needed. - 1%
- Ability to make constructive suggestions by doing the work assigned and providing alternate technical and aesthetic solutions when needed. - 1%
- Ability to provide constructive and proactive approaches to problem solving during dailies in support of the goals in the agenda. - 1%
- Ability to work collaboratively to reach a common goal and vision including the ability to be flexible and fill in for a fellow student who needs help. - 1%
- Ability to find someone to fill in if an emergency keeps you from finishing your work on time. - 1%

20% Production (Quality of Individual Work)

- Ability to meet deadlines. - 3%
- Ability to complete assigned work. - 3%
- Ability to manage and organize your time. - 2%
- Ability to apply your skills to produce quality work. - 2%
- Ability to offer to take on production tasks and to complete them. - 2%
- Ability and willingness to take on extra work and do the job, especially contributions made near the end of a production. - 2%
- Ability to effectively and efficiently lead the areas you've been assigned. - 2%
- To provide weekly reports covering your leadership in your group and your support of other group members or the group as a whole. - 2%
- To fill out and submit all self-critiques covering your assessment of how you have functioned in the class as well as all requested critique analysis worksheets that assess how you feel about the work you produced individually and as part of a group. - 2%