3/31/2009 Notes

Story Reel

Add last two boards into the end of the reel

- Funeral Sequence: make colors more muted in beginning, and have color slowly seep in
desaturated quilt colors.. to saturated quilt colors? midlevel

- Maybe animate the color of Mei's clothes to go from blue to red (to match scarf) -- at the very end...

QW Mei age in magic combo -- might make it easier to tranistion

Shot #- 1st QW transition: take out close-up of Mei's face, add hands over quilt square and either use the camera to move into QW or fade the hands away -- show Daren tomorrow

- Make Oyon look sick (not old) using the following changes:

1) board with Oyon holding hand after needle drop: grab heart using right arm -- shot #?

2) board after Mei opening medicine jar: Oyon clutches heart in pain, reflect pain on facial expression -- shot #?

3) board where Mei offers Oyon tea: Mei assists Oyon to drink her tea -- Shot #?

- Mei looking at empty jar: 180 degree rule -> put Mei on the left and Oyon on the right --

- Color in the red scarf for every shot, make blood red -- Tracey

Take out looking at the jar and instead at each other.

Put jar back down...

- Flip the entire campfire scene (not inside yurt) horizontally, Mei should always face left and be on the right

- Change Mei opening door + dead Oyon shot to:

1) camera inside of yurt facing door, door on the right in the background, Oyon's dead arm on the left in the foreground

2) yurt is dark in beginning of shot (we can't see Oyon's arm)

Add birds into Mei's return in the snow under the horse...shot

3) as Mei slowly opens the door the light begins to seep into the yurt, and then finally reveals Oyon's dead arm

- QW funeral sequence:

1) Jar breaking shot: Use top down view where we only see the jar

2) once the jar breaks in the RW, the bird flies into view and transforms everything into QW

3) begins flying up the mountain side

4) bird flies by Mei's head, joins other birds starting to circle behind her -> Mei shouldn't look up at the bird(s), just down and sad

5) birds circling overhead in mountain shot, elevate Oyon on stilts

6) for this entire sequence use an older QW Mei

7) transition back to RW: bird flies in by QW Oyon and disappears under Mei's RW hand, if this doesn't work just use a fade from QW to RW

color palette shifts

AGE 700

- pull Yurt lattice into ground

- put steam effect into the scene

- make wall quilts longer, less space inbetween (the lattice should be much less visible)

- quilt geometry doesn't really look quilt-like, needs more texture, revised colors (use MAGIC 700 colors on this quilt, and brown background with distress)


- put all fabric textures on, use the bump map script from Jason

use revised palette  discussed in dailies.

- add in new horse -- Andy's?

- make yellow borders dark and distressed

- sun emerging could change colors within the quilt as the time passes.


- fire needs to be much smaller, right now it's as tall as Mei, add coals on ground underneath fire

- clouds  should look like reference we agree on. We need to pick reference


Horse Model