5/14/2009 Agenda


Render Meeting Today for both the Render and Lighting Teams!  Koos, Andrew, Andrea and Jesse will lead the discussion.

Pipeline Issues (Andrew), Render Layers (Jesse), Rendering on the Clusters (Andrea and Koos) and troubleshooting problem renders (the teams).

Please Note: A render is not complete until it has a .mov extension.

All shots must be rendered by 6 pm on Thursday for use in the rendermatic for Dailies on Friday.

Motion Assignment updates and 3 PM Meeting for Animators etc. (Robert and Barbara)

Planning for the Beree meeting Saturday at 10 am.

Lighting and Shading meeting again Friday at 10am.

The Official Effects Week week

Camera Meeting at 3 pm.


Blendshapes (Daren and Jimmy)

Horse Rig (Jesse and Nick)

Render Meeting!