4/29/2009 Agenda


Texture leads need to e-mail Nick and Andrea when objects are greenlit so we can put them in Layout

E-mail screenshots to Barbara in order to get things greenlit!  Be proactive on this!

Dave Hunt is coming Thursday at 6pm, Brian, Elizabeth, Ryan, and Happy need to be there to review the latest and next motion shots.

Every shot needs to be touched by the end of the week so that we can see if there are camera problems remaining.

Horse Rigging needs to be usable by Friday (Nick and Jesse and Jason)

We need an email assessment from each of the  Production Leads every Monday and Thursday before Dailies ( 10:30 am)  in order to help the Student Producers plan the production needs.

Lead Review (Barbara)

9:45 meeting recap


Crunch Rendering Report (Koos, Andrea, Jesse et al)

Oyon Hand Rig (Jesse)

Horse Model (Jesse)

Blend Shapes Update (Jimmy)

Sewing Effects (Jimmy, Ryan)

nCloth Discussion (Andrea, Daren, Jason,  and anyone else who understands ncloth :-)