Modeling Guidelines

Before you turn in your models, be sure to go through this checklist to save your classmates some headache.

  • Bevel[1] your poly edges, or make Fillets[2] between nurbs surfaces; avoid those sharp 90 degree edges that yield no highlights. You’ll have to play with the offset or the radius after you’d rounded an edge to get the thickness that you want. Refer to your TAs for help if these tools aren’t behaving.
  • Delete any unnecessary history on all pieces of your model. Unless the model is rigged, it should not have any history on it.
  • Freeze transformations[3] on your models. It zeroes out your translations, rotations, and scale. A completed file should not have translational or rotational values on your models, especially not on Controls if the model is rigged.
  • Center pivots. Make sure the pivot is centered on stationary objects, unless the model is supposed to rotate, then set the pivot so that the model rotates correctly.
  • Name all shaders and model pieces.
  • Group your model into a single node. Curves used for building your models, as well as empty nodes should not be included.
  • Select that top group node and Export[4] your selected model into a clean file after you’re done. Open that exported file to double check to see if there is anything else you’ve missed. It won’t hurt to double check the scale of your model if other exported pieces are lying around on the server.

[1] Edit polygons -> Bevel
[2] Edit NURBS -> Surface Fillets
[3] Modify -> Freeze Transformations
[4] File -> Export Selection