From Murano With Love

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17th century Murano in Venice, Italy (45n27, 12e21)



Diritto - Straight of face, straight of attitude. He is the old shop master and winner of 7 consecutive "World Glass Derby 150cc"s.

Curvo - Loopdeloop. He is the almost-legal shop apprentice who carries piety for rules, while weaving in a little rebellion.

Viola - The definition of practical grace. She is a customer with taste and renown; and her number will be busy when you call.

Harmony - Where there are two wills, there is a way. This instrument combines tones of cocoa and vanilla, with a floral palate.

(Stand-in) - Each of these awakened customers can't wait to get their hands - and ears - on their very own Harmony.

(The composer) - This is the real-life maestro for the class production.




[0100] 4s

we see the shop in a view of the semivillage including water and sky.

the composer does us up some ambient music reflective of coastal town dusk.

we take a zoom through the scene and into the shop window.

we see diritto and curvo side by side at the work table.


[0200] 20s

we compost subdued town music with light indoor sounds.

both glassmakers shape their lumps of glass, and curvo gestures his "finished" piece for approval.

diritto busts some toolery out and identifies a .01% deviation in the piece, so he gives it back.

in demonstration, he then plays on his piece the first few notes of his favorite song.

curvo would rather chew up the piece and swallow it.


[0300] 12s

we zoom out a bit to see diritto taking his piece to join all its twins on the shelf.

during this time, curvo fixes his piece, which gets played and approved by diritto.

curvo takes his piece to the shelf, blowing the dust before he puts his piece down.

we then follow him to the toaster where he gets a lump of glass and returns with it to the work table.


[0400] 16s

both glassmakers begin shaping their lumps of glass.

we zoom in to see only curvo and his work area.

the composer mixes in some staccato.

this time, curvo gets secretive and huddles up for the piece-de-resistance.

we get some "vogue" angles of this endeavor.


[0500] 12s

we zoom back out to see him taking the new thyng to the shelf.

we get the passing glances and behind-the-back piece.

curvo smilingly puts the thyng on the shelf.

we linger a bit behind him as he retreats to the back to fidget and do fake chores.


[0600] 24s

we zoom in on diritto and the thyng.

diritto, upon going over to the shelf, sees the thyng and snatches it up.

we see a small, backside curvo.

he soon gets gloomed by diritto's shadow.

diritto plays the thyng and sour notes issue; he makes a face that matches the notes.

he swollenly plays his piece, and out comes his favorite song.

curvo grabs the thyng back and plays it himself, with the same ill-sounding results.


[0700] 12s

we get a zoomed in, moving view that's as tumultuous as the scene that ensues.

the composer shakes us up.

the two glassmakers have a taffy-pulling contest over the thyng;

curvo makes it courvoisier while diritto traightens it.

this goes on forever, until the piece harmonizes into unmanageability.

they put harmony aside on the counter and spark up the verbosities.


[0800] 32s

we zoom in on the glassmakers, with the shopfront in the back.

they are still arguing.

viola comes across the window and looks in.

we get a viewtiful panning zoom as she browses and dislikes the wares.

she picks up a dustless normal piece and blows it, to dismay.

we zoom out to see harmony in the foreground.

viola approaches and is visually stimulated by harmony.

we zoom in on the pickup.


[0900] 12s

as viola blows, we zoom out to see all the characters.

the fight stops.

viola gets out some bling bling for harmony.

the composer gets out some bling bling for our ears.

diritto offers and blows his piece instead.

talk to the hand.

viola blows harmony to diritto's brow-furl and curvo's pleasant surprise.


[1000] 12s

diritto is sad with his piece as notes are emitted by harmony.

curvo goes hands-on-shoulder and closes in with a smile.

they concede to work together and diritto shakes hands with viola.

we zoom in on the handshake and fade.

we fade back in to the stand-in handshake, then the glassmakers look at each other and shake hands.


[1100] 20s

thirty stand-ins are shopping for harmonies.

we do some cheap glance shots from different in-store angles, then zoom back out the way we came in.

we see the store in a view of the semivillage including water, sky, and earls and adams playing harmonies.

the composer doesn't end it too cheesily.