Shot List


TI-010:    BIOdad Signing Letter                               -Anderson

TI-020:    Letter in Envelope                                      -Anderson

TI-030:    Envelope in Mail                                        -Anderson

TI-040:    Title on White                                             -Anderson



CA-010:    Sun at 3PM/Anna Waits                          -Michel         

CA-030:    Letter on Table                                        -Michel

CA-040:    Anna Thinking                                          -Michel

CA-050:    Anna Drawings Sparkler                         -Olsen


Sparkler Bees

SB-010:    Sparkler                                                    -Olsen

SB-020:    Anna Draws Cat                                       -Olsen

SB-030:    Anna Fights Cat                                       -Fitch

SB-040:    Anna bumps into tree                               -Fitch

SB-050:    Closeup of Anna Thinking                       -Michel

SB-060:    Anna Pokes Beehive                                -Christensen

SB-070:    Sparkler in Beehive                                 -Olsen/Mead

SB-080:    Anna panics                                              -Michel

SB-090:    Bees form Bull                                          -Anderson/Mead

SB-100:    Bees Chase Anna                                     -Olsen/Mead

SB-110:    Closeup of Bull Chasing Anna                 -Olsen/Mead

SB-120:    Anna Runs to Daddy                                -Olsen/Mead

SB-130:    Dad reads the paper                                 -Carroll

SB-140:    Dad protects Anna                                    -Olsen/Mead

SB-150:    Anna runs into house                                -Olsen/Mead

SB-160:    Anna safe in house                                    -Olsen/Mead

SB-170:    Anna watches Dad who is surrounded by bees                         -Olsen/Mead

SB-180:    Anna dismayed                                          -Michel

SB-190:    Dad runs from bees                                   -Olsen/Mead

SB-200:    Dad Swats bees                                         -Fitch

SB-210:    Newspaper transition back to cafe            -Carroll



CB-110:    Anna with newspaper                               -Christensen

CB-120:    Anna starts walk cycle                             -Christensen


Anna Drawing

AD-010:    Little Anna drawing near comics             -Keating

AD-020:    Over the shoulder shot of the adopted dad drawing       -Christensen

AD-030:    Daddy's drawing                                        -Keating

AD-040:    Little Anna drawing 2                                -Carroll

AD-050:    Little Anna imagines characters                -Li

AD-060:    Little Anna drawing 3                                -Carroll



CC-210:    Anna drawing walk cycle 1                        -Michel

CC-220:    Anna Thinking                                           -Michel

CC-230:    Anna drawing walk cycle 2                        -Carroll


Learning Animation

LA-010:    Little Anna animates 1                            -Carroll

LA-020:    Little Anna animates with Dad ( have Dad and Anna sitting together)  -Fitch

LA-030:   Dad gets book                                            -Keating

LA-040:    Dad shows book to Anna                          -Keating

LA-050:    Dad -- Thumbs up                                    -Anderson

LA-060:    Little Anna Walk Cycle                            -Anderson


Cafe Afternoon

CD-310:    Anna Walk Cycle 3                                        -Michel

CD-320:    Sun is lower 4PM                                           -Fitch

CD-330:    Anna thinking and dissolve -- 5 PM              -Keating

CD-340:    Dissolve to 6PM                                             -Fitch

CD-350:    Walk Cycle Show completed Dad                  -Fitch

CD-360:    Dad Arrives at Cafe/Anna Leaves                -Li


Cafe Night

CE-410:    BIOdad Walks in                                            -Li

CE-420:    BIODad turns over letter                                -Anderson

CE-430:    BIOdad looks at planning sheet and Track on drawings on table        -Anderson



FB-010:    Credits and flipbook                                            -Keating