Scanning Tutorial

There are two working scanners located in Sieg 329. Feel free to move whichever scanner you want to use to the computer you are working on. There are scanner drivers already installed on every computer, so you should be able to just plug the scanner in and get scanning. The scanners look like this:

After plugging the scanner in, open up Photoshop by going to Start → All Programs → Adobe Production Premium CS6 → Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Next, go to File → Import → WIA Support. A window will pop up like the one below. Make sure to change the destination folder to somewhere you can find the images later then click Start.

Your scanner should pop up. Select it and press OK.

This should open another window called ScanGear. It will be the same for all three scanners.

On the right click the "Preview" button and wait while the scanner runs. Once it is done it will let you adjust the crop borders on the image, so go ahead and change them as necessary for your image then hit "Scan". Once done it will open up the image in Photoshop.