Nebbish Elements List

November 2, 2009

1. Fish tank
2. Fish – at least two types. Sweet and Mean
3. Coral
4. Seaweed
5. Castle
6. Bubbles
7. Gravel on bottom of Fish tank.
8. Storefront
9. Sidewalk/Street/Boardwalk
10. “Scuba” Store Sign
11. Scuba Guy
12. Scuba Guy Pedestal – Note: What does this pedestal look like and how is it explained, does he need to ride a fish in the fantasy to make this work?
13. Price Tags on the Scuba guy suit.
14. Fantasy Environment
15 Scuba Suit for Nebbish
16 Mannequin – (Note: design so that it wobbles as scuba suit is yanked off of it, mannequin is super buff to contrast with the Nebbish Character)
17. Dock
18. Ocean/Beach
19. Sun  and clouds (Note: use Skybox?)
20 Sparkles on the top of the water
21. Dolphin (maybe, although the intersection with water is hard)
22. Design abstract looking water to avoid realism)
23. Sailboat or Sailboats in the distance on the water.
24. Silt clouds at bottom of ocean
25 Crappy underwater pollutants ( to contrast with view from above the water)
26. oil drum
27. underwater dead fish
28. dirty tire(s)
29. polluted trash
30. Fish eyes (for scene underwater)
31. Non-shark like fish shapes for fish underwater.
32. Cute smiley fish that get mean fast for fish underwater.
33. Trash can for Nebbish to throw the scuba suit in
34. Model of scuba suit when it’s not on Nebbish
35. Trash can lid
36. Albatross (plural)
37. Pigeon(s)
38. Beach with umbrellas and towels
39. What to do about the steps in sand from everyone on the beach?