Animatic Notes

- Remember this is a process
- Iterate fast but with quality
- Things may change, be added, removed

Hierarchy Reminders:
- Only use the animatic shot folder
- Use the iteration script which is in the scripts folder, if you need help setting it up talk to a TA

Setting up the Scene:
- Reference the rigs, and the scuba shop if they are in your scene
- Name you camera seq_#_seqName_####_cam, ex seq_1_intro_0100_cam
- Frame your camera once, with resolution gate
- Keep in mind 1/3's, composition and framing, to match as best as possible
- Lock camera and don't touch after you feel confident in angle and framing

Render Settings:
- Set your camera as the render camera, render settings
- Your resolution is 640:360

Scene Settings:
- Set to 30fps
- Animatic is in 24fps shot length is (endframe-startframe)*30/24, post this number on the white board
- Add 60 frames to the playblast and inside the scene for a buffer, animate these extra frames as well
- Save as .ma files

Playblast Settings:
- Show ornaments unchecked
- Scale is set to 1,
- Display size is from render settings
- Deselect and grid off

Finishing notes:
- Don't override playblast files without moving old to iterations folder
- When done playblasting mark the white board so Eddy knows there is a file to add