Advanced Rig Components:

Advanced Twist on Forearm:
- Allows realistic twisting of forearm mesh
- Can be built using an extra joint chain, an IK curve and IK handle using the handle's advanced twist attributes
-- This method needs 2 locators as the worldUp and worldDown objects
- Can be built using the same extra joint chain but with all of the joints reparented under the elbow
-- Advanced twist is achieved by constraining the rotateX of the child joints between the wrist and elbow and varying the level of constraint weight

Stretchy IK Components:
- Allows animators to use stretch in their animations for exaggerated poses and inbetweens
- Built by measuring the physical length of the component and measuring the current length of the component specified by the anim
- Condition node decides whether current length is greater than physical length and outputs to multiply nodes that scale the joints accordingly

Fixing Stretchy IK Components Broken by GlobalScale:
- Allows stretchy components in conjunction with globalScale
- Divide the ratio used to scale the joints by the GlobalScale using an extra multiply node

FK/IK Switching:
- Allows animators the flexibility to animate each part of the body in FK or IK
- Create FK, IK, and bind skeleton.
- Constrain each bind joint under both FK and IK joint
- Connect GlobalScale attribute to constraint weights using reverse node where appropriate (connect to visibility of fk/ik skeleton and anims too)

Advanced Foot Setup:
- Allow foot to rotate from different positions
- Achieved by hierarchical parenting of locators and ik handles

- Allows animator to tweak positioning of set driven keys
- Achieved with an SDK skeleton, FK skeleton, and bind skeleton
- SDK poses directly control SDK skeleton
- SDK skeleton controls groups which control FK anims, which control FK skeleton (allows FK anims to travel with SDK poses and animators can still tweak FK)
- SDK skeleton + FK skeleton controls bind skeleton using addition nodes

Wing Rig:
- Reviewed bird wing structure
-- 3 segments in wing allow segments to slide over each other as wing folds
-- Proportions are very important as a poorly proportioned wing can't fold correctly