Here are the guidelines for your assignment this week:

For Mark and Devin – Explore some approaches to shading/lighting to create a murky underwater feel using this photo from last week’s class as reference for your scene.  In terms of modeling, keep it simple; use a basic cylinder for the silhouetted shape and a simple glass sphere for the object up front (the extra bit suspended in the glass is completely optional).  You do not need to achieve an exact replica of the photo nor do your shaders need to be photorealistic.  Just focus on achieving the murky quality of the water and lighting.  Please get in touch with me if you have any questions (Devin especially since you weren’t here on Tuesday).

For Hannah, Sarah, and Jessica – Using this Nebbish model, create shaders for a wetsuit look and a swimsuit look.  You will need to unwrap the model (here’s the tutorial from last quarter - but consider using symmetrical shaders to reduce your workload (the trunks will need to be unwrapped as well).  Bump maps are not required but feel free to experiment.  Ignore the model's head as well as the shirt.

FOR THURSDAY – We will meet during class and review what you have so far, so please have something to show.

Here are the links shown today, check out the vimeo links for higher quality than could be shown in the lab.

Check out the stylized cartoony feel of this one, and note the simple textured gradients used for skin textures.

Interesting use of drawn textures on 3-D models.  Is it successful? 

Anchored: or
Really nice painted feel to this one, especially on the characters’ skin.

Snow Trip, Boxes, Instruments:
Watch the three Honda commercials, they all take the same approach to shading – faceted, planar, simplified, bold colors.  Not something we’d be trying to recreate, but worth watching.

Le Phare (The Lighthouse Keeper): or
Interesting mix of 2-D and 3-D, simple textures and bold lighting add a lot to the film.

Swimmer Picture:  Terrific use of bold color (warm shadows, cool reflections) to achieve a very volumetric but simplified effect.