Rigging Shelf

Starred items are ones I've used that have saved some time.

  1. Adds or removes a suffix from selected objects.
  2. Renames geometry under a joint to have the same name as the joint but with "_joint" replaced by "_geo".
  3. * Search and replace in object names.
  4. * Names objects in the order they were selected replacing # with successive numbers starting at 1. Can use ##, ###, etc for zero padding.
  5. * Split selected joint into a given number of segments
  6. * Adds a joint halfway along the length of selected joint but doesn't split segment.
  7. * Adds geometry parented under selected joint.
  8. Create a stretchy ik-spline with options (click this with nothing selected).
  9. Create a stretchy ik chain with options (click this with nothing selected).
  10. Adds a plane oriented with selected geometry that will cut it in half.
  11. Separate selected geometry along planes that intersect it.
  12. * Changes rotation order on selected objects (much better than manually doing it for each).
  13. * Moves pivot of all selected objects to the pivot of the object that was selected first.
  14. * Parents the shape node of polygon, surface, or curve under a joint (useful for making fk anims).
  15. Mirrors a shape (duplicate shape, select original, select duplicate, click button).
  16. * Copies set driven keys between joints.
  17. Creates set driven keys between object attributes using a simple scalar.
  18. Adds a set driven key on first object selected that controls length of joint (which should be selected second).
  19. * Adds a bunch of attributes to a selected object (separate them by spaces).
  20. Matches the attributes of one object to a new object.