WOOT, we finished the IK leg and the FK leg is much easier.
  1. STEP 1: Duplicate

    Select the left_upper_leg_bind_joint.
    Using group rename button in the rigging shelf duplicate it.
    Search for "_bind_", replace with "_fk_".
    Unparent left_upper_leg_fk_joint.
    Hide the ik chain.
    Hide left_leg_Anims.
    Now you should only see the FK leg.
  2. STEP 2: create the shapes.

    Create a nurbs circle.
    Duplicate it 3 times.
    Rotate the circle to match the orient of the joint, move it to the origin, freeze transformations.
    Select the 1st circle. Then select the fk upperleg joint.
    Press the shape button on the rigging shelf.
    Delete the original circle.
    Do this for all the FK joints except the toe joint.

    You may have to get the circles match the orientation of the joints first. For me this included rotating all the circles 90 in the X, moving the circles to the origin, then freezing transforms.

  3. STEP 3: position the shapes.

    Now when you select one of the circles is selects that joint.
    We need to fix the placement of the shapes.
    In component mode, move the CV's around until you get the desired look.
    by translating in object mode space the cv's will stay on the joints.
    hold "w" and left click in the panel. select object.
    knee heirarchy
  4. STEP 4: Fix attributes

    We need to limit the ability of the animator.
    They don't want have hundreds of attrs to animate.
    And as a rigger we don't want to give them that much control anyway expecially on joints.
    Select all the fk anims.
    In the channel box, lock and hide all the translates, scales, and visibility.
    Select the lower_leg joint and also lock and hide the X and Y rotations.
    Your leg can only rotate in one direction as a hinge joint.
  5. STEP 5: Fix names

    The last thing to fix are the names.
    If you select on of the anims, it should be named a joint.
    This will confuse animators so lets fix it.
    Rename Left_upper_leg_fk_joint -> left_upper_leg_anim.
    Rename left_lower_leg_fk_joint -> left_lower_leg_anim.
    Rename left_ankle_fk_joint -> left_ankle_anim.
    Rename left_ball_fk_joint -> left_toe_anim.