3/18/2009 Notes

CSE 459:


- horse movement should be more like a gallop

- sky shouldn't be immediately blue on the last blanket (on that note: do we even need a blue sky?)

- snow should fill moutains

- sun: when full size the waving should stop, put this in your scene, break up the perfect circle in the center, stitches still way too small (consider how much screen space the sun will take up in the final shot, and base the stitch size/number on that)

- try incandescence map on candle

- horse should lead, and scenery should grow from horse

- a lot of the scenery grow in the beginning is out of view right now

- landscape growth is too even, it should be more organic

- lower contrast in lighting, shadows are too dark


AGE 700

- yurt seems massive: scale of people in yurt? camera angle?

- scene doesn't seem intimate (lower camera, longer lense?)

- hard to know where to look, scene is flat, needs more diagonals/depth

- dirt floor: dirt ground too dark, needs more bump, maybe try borrowing texture from DEATH 100?

- wood floor: don't want light source from ground (bounce), too distracting

- rugs are too perfect/rectangular, wear them in (shape and texture)

- use patterns on rugs, but subtle (too elaborate will distract), avoid burlap look

- wall tapestries too perfect in texture, too

- overall: make everything old and worn-in, intimate, focus on Oyon


- god rays too even

- missing shadows behind bed

- top left: two shadow spots a bit weird

- need to consider lighting in context of camera angle

- higher contrast

- Mei's dress really stands out as it's the only blue color in the scene, maybe give the shadows cooler colors



- remove the one big rock, stick to smaller rocks/pebbles

- make the starfield brighter/more vivid higher up and dim as it approaches the horizon line

- fire effect motion a bit floaty -> do we want this?

- smoke is good

- more flickering in the fire -> flickers here and there (not full 360 degree)

- sparks too close to the camera (we expect the fire and Mei to be closer as the camera tilts down), also the sparks are too turbulent

- the fire should be much smaller, as in about a quarter of the size

- clouds need to be lighter than the sky itself

- landscape up to the horizon line should be strips of light and dark

- needs more detailed ground texture