3/16/2009 Notes

CSE 459:


- cloth shader too shiny

- QW revealing too fast

- have mountain snow reveal individually as different chunks, also it should come down when appearing

- need horse in there -> scenery reveal should be motivated by horse

- needs lighting, camera needs to be set for lighting

- how does quilt turn blue? (sky fade in?)

- most important transition element: no wind to wind

- once in quilt world the lattice shouldn't be visible

- needs richer textures

- textures should have a layered effect (use bump script)

- weight painting on landscape elements needs work (specifically the brown ground coming up)

- sun: goes by too fast, maybe add slight rotation to motion, beams could scale into each other, movement in interior of circle?, stitches way too small (will be swallowed by final render resolution), make stitch color more like sun color

- moving holds on QW elements

- yurt: stitches blend in too much, stitch motion currently offset from yurt geometry motion



- fire needs to wrap around logs

- floating rock?

- add light gradient to horizon line -> night isn't completely black: stars/moon/etc.

- fix missing textures

- Mei's shadow is really black, make more blue

- sky texture needs more contrast -> darker darks, lighter lights, right now there are too many midtones

- fire is a bit better in the second test you showed us

- add texture to light (e.g. noise)

- flicker shouldn't be so drastic a change

- add different layer to sky to add depth (like light clouds)

- needs a few more rocks

- let's two compositions: with and without rocks

- rocks need extended shadows like Mei

- with camera and lighting remember the goal of your shot: loneliness

- moon for lighting mayble? blot out with clouds when Oyon dies?

- lighting should be more blue than purple


AGE 700

- if family is poor: wood floor, sheep skin rugs in front of beds

- wood as light as possible to reflect light from yurt opening at top

- floor most often yellow

- floor looks too linoleum currently

- let's see options for the floor, such as just rugs

- make door old and winded

- put temporary flat colors on Mei and Oyon

- lighting: stove light isn't motivated, bed on screen left and Mei too dark

- need textures on the wall tapestries

- fix placement of chest, texture it

- quilt is too tile-like now, use ncloth and a wrap deformer to form it around Oyon

- light through yurt top: add subtle god rays