3/12/2009 Notes

CSE 459:

AGE 700

- candle in jar: to save work and render time bury the wick (sink candle down) so you don't have to deal with fire effects

- put one candle on the chest?

- candle placement is too perfect/symmetrical -> make more random

- also consider lighting when placing the candles

- get the characters in the scene for scale



- sky is busy: tone down the milky way, remove overly large stars

- fire too high

- fix ground textures

- too many rocks

- render in separate layers (fire, background, etc)

- more yellow/blue, less yellow/purple

- fire simulation speed should be faster

- give us several versions to look at so we can pick out different components that we like (e.g. the fire looks good in this one, and the sky looks best in that one)



- check texture paths

- ask TAs for help with texture issues


Oyon head:

- close mouth for rigging

- refer to Andrew's list

- nasal labial fold area still inset

- eyebrow bone too high (that hard line)

- hair coming out in front should overlap naturally rather than peak


Mei's body:

- model clasp that holds the flap up

- shoulder blades: needs more fabric bunching (so area isn't so flat)


QW Mei and Oyon:

- flatten mouths