3/10/2009 Notes

CSE 459:

AGE 700

- bed: a lot of polygons for a simple object (edge loops in middle excessive)

- use this reference image for the bed shape

- cup: make shorter, lip large but okay since it's based off Mongolian reference



- camera: always playblast, weird parallax thing still happening

- ground texture: still needs work, too dark?

- skydome: next test needs skydome in scene, brighter stars, make sure texture wraps

- rock: needs to be inset into ground, needs shading/texture



- look at reference dvds

- moutain reveal test: let's see how one single spot appears (rather than all)

- horse: follow through on tail and mane, work on chin/jowels, needs stretch on legs

- parallax test: just do camera pan (similar to what we will see in the movie), playblast it


QW Mei:

- neck, upper body squarish

- sleeves: sharp angle

- feet at 45 degree angle -> make straight

- lips should be closed

- see Brian for updated concept art


QW Oyon:

- seal mouth

- bring arms into body (or vice versa) so we don't see a gap

- arms flat

- give neck collar thickness

- see Brian for updated concept art