2/26/2009 Notes

CSE 459:

Student Responsibilities:


- Daren: Oyon 2D, high res head

- Andrea: Mei 2D, high res head

- Nick: Mei hires body

- Jesse: Oyon  hires body


- Caroline, Daniel, Marianne, Brian, Tracey

* Shaders listed above should get together and decide how to apportion the workload among them.

Note: Jason will work with the group to make sure that they are clear about direction.
Jason and Robert will help with Cloth world tests.

Rig Testing (after models are rigged)

- Jesse, Ryan, Elizabeth

Animatics ( continuing to work on tweaks)

- Andy, Robert, Jesse, Jimmy, Ryan, Caroline, Elizabeth


- Jesse: Oyon head

- Elizabeth: Mei head

- Daren: Oyon body, Clothworld Oyon (2D)

- Jimmy: Mei body

- Caroline: hands for both hires 3D models, clothworld Mei (2D)

All completed Boards

- Happy and Marianne

Hires Prop Models

- Jimmy


TA Contacts for Signature Shots

DEATH 100: JP, Koos

MAGIC 700: Jason, Robert F

AGE 700: Andrew

JP: Lighting and Lighting Studio Work.
Andrew: Modeling and Lighting
Koos: Efx
Jason : Shading and Rigging
Animatic/Storyreel: Erik


2/26/2009 Critique Notes

Animatics Review:

- fix aspect ratios : need to be tested for meeting with Barbara and Erik tomorrow at 3 pm

- hide camera names, display artifacts, just get rid of screen clutter in general

- composition-wise stay as close to the story reel as possible... specifically, match camera

 in relation to characters in the story reel, prop location (e.g. fireplace) can change

- if you have an issue of story reel vs animatic, take screenshots of both boards and animatic cameras and send to Erik for feedback

- don't break the 180 degree rule

- make sure the motion is clear and the timing for the complete shot is appropriate.

Oyon Head:

- make whole face wider/fuller in general, soften lines to make her look more feminine.

- labial fold area between mouth and nose too caved in

- side of head too flat (widen top)

- no skull to the side of the eye -> need to make eye cavity (push area forward more)

- clean up edge loops around corners and inside of mouth

- line in the middle of the nose -- avoid it and make it look more natural

- widen nostrils

- nose too straight, add curves

- needs hair (low poly)

Mei Head:

- smiling by default, neutralize a bit

- add more resolution and detail to the hair

- needs skull to the side of the eyes -> in side view you can see more than half the eyeball, looks strange

- still needs edge loop(s) from bottom of the ear and down the side of the chin

Mei Body:

- keep model symmetrical, easier to make changes

- add edge loops that follow curves in the cloth so it will deform better

- define sash more, clothing not just one piece of cloth

- cloth wrinkles too much like clay now, cloth also naturally droops -> look at reference for wrinkles, etc.

- left arm: bump lower than where shoulder should be

- model legs in more detail (with calf muscle)

- back/shoulder area too pronounced -> see Andrew for ideas on fixing

- arms look broken, too short

- snap all verts. in arm end to one

- divide up reference when modeling -> put side in side viewport, front in front viewport, etc.

- skirt should be down lower, make boots thicker, scale up feet

- legs too close

- bring sash down to where the hips start

Note: See revised concept art from Brian B asap.

Tracey color tests:

First panel (Mei+Oyon)

- Mei being green stands out too much
 - Red linking Mei to quilt good

- color restraint in the real world, too saturated right now?

- not enough contrast -> light vs shadows

Mei leaving (with horse)

- too bright, happy -> maybe too much saturation again, pink color looks too happy?

- make it bleaker


- colors maybe too warm
use more yellow in the fire

- take as much red out except for the scarf?  (as it's Mei's source of comfort)


- Sky too blue, wash everything out more, desaturate

Inside yurt

- Needs some more color

Brian color test:

- make landscape of patterns for magic combo characters to go on

- oyon green too military, oyon blue good but lighten/desaturate

Tracey lighting panels:

Create just color swatches for next review.
Swatches should be created for each of the story transitions and add two more for the campfire sequence and one for the end ( last) shot
Be sure to use up to 50 swatches and go for" broad brush" approach... so that when we review them we get a sense of the ful color palette of each sequence shift.

Brian and Marianne imagery on hanging cloth panels in the Yurt:

Make them simple with pattern that Marianne currently has on her cloth boards. That leaves lots of space for the magic combo.