3/3/2009 Agenda

Announcements (15 mins)
Signature Shot Plans
Group Presentations -- Plans and Schedules.

RW Family tree - Andrea, Jesse (10 mins)

Storyreel (10 mins) Robert, Daren, Happy, andMarianne

Storyreel/Animatics Camera and Pacing Review - Daren, Robert, and Erik (15 mins)

Quilt world animation tests - Jason, Robert F (10 mins)

Hires Model Review: (15 mins)
RW Oyon head and body - Jesse, Daren, and Caroline
RW Mei head and body - Elizabeth, Jimmy, and Caroline
CW Quilt world characters - Caroline, Daren Ryan

Prop Model Review - Jimmy (5 minutes)

Story Lighting - color swatches Second Review - Happy, Tracey, Dan, Brian (10 mins)