We need to make a low poly version of our model for the purpose of creating our rig.  
			It can be hard and sometimes impossible to see what the rig is doing unless we can see it effects geometry.
			We don't want to bind the joints to the mesh yet because we don't have everything hooked up yet.  
			So we need to tear apart our geometry and just parent some geometry to the bones to see how everything interacts.
			You can see from the picture below, that the geometry are cutouts but they still can well define the overall geometry. 
low poly pose
  1. STEP 1: cutout the low poly geometry

    					Duplicate the mime_hi grp and rename it mime_low.
    					Hide mime_hi.
    					Now we need to cut out all of the peices.  
    					We need a low poly peice for each joint, so we can accurately see what is happening as we rig.
    					Just select the faces around the joint that it should effect.  
    					Then extract that peice of geometry, mesh -> extract.
    					Do this over the whole geometry, except the head and eyes.			
    low poly definition 1 low poly definition 2
  2. STEP 2: rename the geometry peices

    					Save right now.  
    					Now that your outliner looks horrible, go through and select each peice of geometry and then delete history on them. 
    					You can select all the geometry pretty easily by clicking to the right of the geo icon as you scroll down the outliner.
    					Once they are all selected, delete history, edit -> delete by type -> history.
    					As they are still selected press (shift +p) to unparent them to the world.
    					Delete the body group which they were under. 
    					Now rename them according to the joint name, replacing "_bind_joint" with "_lowPoly_geo". 
    					Ex.  cen_root_bind_joint geometry should be named cen_root_lowPoly_geo.
    					Unparent the eyes and the hat from the mime_low as well.
    					Rename them, left_eye_lowPoly_geo, right_eye_lowPoly_geo, cen_hat_lowPoly_geo.
    					Delete mime_low.
    					Save again.

    Renaming can go alittle faster with the hash rename scrupt in the rigging shelf. Make sure you select them in the correct order.

  3. STEP 3: parenting the low poly geo

    					Now parent the geometry under the correct joint. 
    					You can do this by simply in the outliner middle mouse drag the geometry over the name of the joint. 
    					I know this lowPoly person may seem like alot of work, but it really will help.