1. STEP 1: create a Top Con

    					From the rigging controls import an circleArrow.mb.  
    					Scale and place this at the mime's feet. 
    					Rename the control, "Mime_top_con".  
    					Freeze transformations.
    leg joint placement
  2. STEP 2: Finishing Heirarchy Groups

    					We need to start organizing now before we get too far,  deselect all and press ctrl+g. 
    					Rename the group "skeleton_grp".
    					Parent all the joint chains under this group.
    					Create a few more groups, "do_not_touch_grp", "anim_grp", "mesh_grp".
    					Parent the mime_hi group under mesh_grp.
    					Parent "do_not_touch_grp", "anim_grp", "mesh_grp","skeleton_grp" under top_con.
    					Hide the do_not_touch_grp.
    leg joint placement