Advanced Shading Additions

I have had some questions about the toon shader that I showed in class yesterday.  I have attached a file that includes the toon shader and the ball there it's point on surface is it's color value.  Please take a look at them if you are curious.  The hardest thing about making shaders is to figure out how to start.  This can be very tricky especially if you don't know which node to use or how to use it.  For this week I am going to have extra office hours.  They are listed below.  If you have a cool idea you think you can do with shading or have any questions please come and talk to me so we can figure out how to make it happen.  I will also be leaving a book in the lab entitled "Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting.".  This is the book that I use when I run into a tight spot with shading, it also has a more complex toon shader tutorial that I made easier for class yesterday.   Again if anyone is having a hard time with this that is ok, shading can get too complex too fast.  Please, please ask me questions if you need help or need to run ideas past me. 


 _  gather reference (5 images from the internet, 1 hand-drawn image) DUE 1/8
 _  read tutorial about different shading nodes and 3d textures from tutorial
 _  follow tutorial to create the burning logs
 _  UV unwrap the whole house
 _  texture the whole house(make sure to include 1 more shading network, and a 3D texture)
 _  have fun testing out new shading network ideas